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Dalvina is a relatively young, but prospering winery

Dalvina is a relatively young, but prospering winery with a storage capacity of 50 000 HL, surrounded by 800 hectares of vineyards. The winery applies the gentlest state-of-the-art technology in every step of the winemaking process, starting from the collection of the grapes to the fermentation, with the aim of creating a high standard product based not as much on rules as on passion.

During the harvest, each farmhand is equipped with Pellenc motorized tools and dedicated collection boxes for precise collection and careful storage of the grapes. On the selection line, the grape stems are removed through a sophisticated selective process designed by Pellenc.

After being centrifugally crushed, the grapes are transported into the winery’s Defrachesci Delasistem fermenters by gravity.

These two-level fermenters provide a complete set of all necessary capabilities, beginning with plunging, remounting and finishing with délestage.

As the fermentation is finished, the mash is again transported by gravity into a mobile, rail-mounted pneumatic press, which can be positioned under any fermenter which is ready for emptying. The red wine then undergoes a specific malolactic fermentation in 400 HL containers and extensive aroma extraction.

The winemakers strive to capture the unique properties of the grapes, the soil and microclimates of the area, and forge these into liquid art.

Dalvina holds the Certificate IFS
FOOD certified by TUV NORD CE